Coalporters Rowing Regatta 2017

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Coalporters Senior Ladies Four were the first to become undisputed Hants & Dorset Champions for 2017

with another fine performance on home water at Northam Bridge on Saturday. With a solid start they got the power down quickly to get their boat running, whilst Southampton A and B, though matching them for effort, could never quite find that elusive boat run that makes champions. At the turn the Coalporters Senior Ladies, L Garth, L Cruse, R Walczak E Barlett (Strk) P Budd (Cox) were two lengths clear and easing away from Southampton A with the Southampton B unable match either for effort. A final push halfway back to the finish widened the gap to six lengths enabling the Coalporters to come home in style as their supporters cheered them over the line.


Another fine performance by Ryde Junior Ladies, K Whitehurst, C Murphy, C Edmonds, E Pike (Stk) M Jenner (Cox), takes them to within one point of the Ladies Junior Fours Championship Title, now with six points, with Itchen Imperial,  their only realistic challengers seemingly, unable to repeat the form that earned them a point earlier in the season.


BTC +40 Ladies Masters seem to be well on the way to attaining their Championship dreams with another fine win by four lengths with Christchurch and Southampton seemingly unable to regain the form that won them points earlier in the season.


In the Men’s events Itchen Imperial gave a master class of boat run as the left both Coalporters and BTC gasping in the twice around the course Senior Final, winning by what was officially judge to  be a “distance”.


In the Junior Senior Fours Christchurch need just one more point to secure the J /S Championship, put in another good performance, holding BTC for what appeared to be a comfortable win.


Newport Mens Novice Four with F Bamlett, O Coulson, M Chalmers J Findley(Stk) E Oatley (Cox) had the closest finish of the day, beating the home club by just half a length in a close race that saw the three finalist almost level at the turns, Coalporters coming away in the lead had just the edge over Newport and BTC and looked to be in control, an effort half way back gained them half a length but  Newport wouldn’t be beaten, with control seldom seen in a novice four they  drew level with Coalporters to got the judges verdict as they crossed the line


Next Sunday Championship Rowing returns to the Isle of Wight for Newport Regatta






Senior Fours   1 Itchen Imperial A 2 Coalporters A, BTC A.

Masters + 40 Fours     1 Poole A, 2 Coalporters A, 3 Poole B.

Junior Senior Fours    1 Christchurch A, 2 BTC A, 3 Southampton A.

Junior Fours    1 Itchen Imperial, 2 Bournemouth A, 3 BTC A.

Novice Fours   1 Newport A, 2 Coalporters A, 3 BTC A.

Senior Pairs    1 Itchen Imperial A, 2 Coalporters A, Bournemouth A.

Junior Pairs     1 Itchen Imperial, 2 Bournemouth A, 3 Southampton A.

Senior Sculls   1 Itchen (Foad) 2 BTC ( Ratcliffe ), 3 BTC (Hume).

Junior Sculls   1 Ryde ( Buckett)), 2 Coalporters (Paulina), 3 Shanklin ( Miselbach)




Senior Fours   1 Coalporters A, 2 Southampton A, 3 Southampton B.

Master + 40 Fours      1 BTC A, 2 Christchurch A, 3 Southampton A.

Junior Fours    1 Ryde A, 2 Coalporters A, 3 Itchen Imperial A.

Novice Fours   1 Bournemouth A, 2 Itchen Imperial A.

Senior Pairs    1 Coalporters A, 2 Lymington A, 3 Southampton A.

Junior Pairs     1 Shanklin A, 2 Poole A, 3 Coalporters A.

Senior Sculls   1 Newport (S Oatley), 2 Southampton (A Davies)

Junior Sculls   1 Shanklin (D Faithful), 2 Ryde ( C Edmonds), 3 Newport ( S Oatley)


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