Newport Rowing Regatta 2017

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Itchen Imperial clinch both the Mens Senior Fours and Mens Junior Fours Hants and Dorset Championship Titles at Newport Regatta on Sunday with convincing wins in both finals.

. The Senior Four M Wardell, L Williams, J Foad, W Harrison (Stk) O Barnaby (Cox) powered away from the start to lead by 3/4 length as the settled into their defining smooth rhythm with BTC A and Coalporters both over rating as they fought to stay in contact. The Coalporters soon blew-up and dropped away leaving BTC with the futile chase as Itchen eased away to win by two and half lengths.


In the Mens Junior Fours Final, after some erratic  steering at the start, Itchen A forged ahead of Shanklin A to put clear water between their boats, leaving the Itchen crew needing just one more point to decide the Championship with five regattas remaining. Christchurch Mens Junior Senior Four  S Tresman, J Gaston, I Gaston, J Rose (Stk) D Elmy-Liddard (Cox) recorded the fastest time the day 5-25’ to be confirmed Champions leaving BTC A a distance behind.


It was left to the Novice Fours to really get their supporters on their toes, in the Mens Final BTC A put in a good performance and looked to be certain winners as they raced into the final 100 mtrs with BTC B 3/4 of a length behind, but the B crew C Dukes, P Noad, T Bilsby, I McGowan (Stk) M Paul (Cox) were having none of it, piling  on the pressure they moved forward with every stroke, catching the A crew on the line and the Judges verdict of 1 ft.


The Ladies Novice Final was the next race and the BTC faithful barely had time to regain their seats as the finalist Christchurch and BTC B raced into the final 100 mtrs, Christchurch leading by almost 3/4 of a length hanging on as BTC closed them down with every stroke but hang on they did to win by a canvas.


Another close call for BTC”s J Wilson, K Koniec, E Nichols, K Bourke, (Stk) C Weaver (Cox) in the ladies Masters as they were matched by Christchurch stroke for stroke, braking their resolve in the final race for the finishing  line to win by 2 lengths to become Champions. In the Ladies Senior Fours  A Webb, K Crook K Salter, S Oatley (Stk), E Oatley (Cox) may have gained the nomination for a place in this year’s Dorney Lake South Coast Championships by beating Southampton by 2 lengths in the absence of unbeaten Champions Coalporters. The final race of the day was yet another Championship decider for Ryde with K Whitehurst, C Murphy, C Edmonds, E Pike (Stk) M Jenner (Cox) with a comfortable win over Newport.


Next Saturday Championship Racing goes to Southsea where Hants and Dorset Crews compete against those from the Coast ARA.




SeniorFours    1 Itchen Imperial A, 2 BTC A, 3 Coalporters A.

Masters +40 Fours      1 Itchen Imperial, 2 Shanklin / Newport Composite.

Junior Senior Fours    1 Christchurch A, 2 BTC A.

Junior Fours    1 Itchen Imperial A, 2 Shanklin A, 3 Itchen Imperial B.

Novice Fours   1 BTC B, 2 BTC A, 3 Ryde A.




Senior Fours   1 Newport A, 2 Southampton A.

Masters +40 Fours      1 BTC A, 2 Christchurch A.

Junior Fours    1 Ryde A, 2 Newport A.

Novice Fours   1 Christchurch B, 2 BTC A.


J16 Fours        1 Shanklin,  2 Newport.

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