Poole Rowing Regatta Report 2016

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Six straight wins for Christchurch Mens Junior Four K Mersey, M Lewis, I Glaston, J Glaston (Stk) S Ewin (Cox) and a win at Junior Senior at Shanklin puts this exceptional crew just one point away from the Junior Championship Trophy.

Rowing well within themselves, in near perfect conditions at Hamworthy Park on Saturday they led from the start, playing cat and mouse with the opposition, they came away from their turn as closest rivals Poole A and Southsea were going in, then, dropping their rate of strike, allowing Southsea to within a length of their stern before finishing with a flourish to win by two lengths.


For the second time this season we saw a crew take advantage of the relaxation in status rules with BTC’s T Beckett, P Snelling, E Crampin, P Sturdy (Stk) M Moody (Cox), having missed out on going level on Championship Points with Christchurch in the Junior Senior Final, winning the Mens Senior Fours by 2 lengths, leaving their “A” crew trailing. Whether this gives them the impetus to mount a serious challenge for the Junior Senior title remains to be seen with Christchurch now leading four points to two and looking hard to beat.


Southampton’s step up in training shows results, with Andi Davies, Fiona Walbridge, Wendy Hartland, Anne Saunders (Stk) and Lisa Redwood (Cox) dominating the Ladies +40 Master, now four points clear of nearest rivals BTC, and with the Ladies Junior Four continuing to press Championship leaders Poole to within 1/2 length for the second week running, their Novice Men have raised their game to press Poole Novices to just over a canvas as they crossed the finishing line.


Itchen Imperial, who are celebrating their Club Centenary this year, remain unbeaten in the Ladies Senior Fours with P Lewis, R Daniels, K Taylor, J Bull (Stk) L Gooch (Cox) putting in another solid performance to win by 2 lengths and their Men’s +40 Masters S Taylor, R Benham, L Rayment, I Barnaby (Stk) O Barnaby (Cox) returned after their last weeks trip to Dorney Lake to win by 3/4 length from BTC B. added to a one two in the Ladies Senior Pairs.





Senior Fours 1 BTC B, 2 BTC A, 3 Poole A.

Master+40 Fours 1 Itchen Imperial A, 2 BTC B, 3 BTC A.

Masters +50 Fours 1 Lymington , 2 Poole.

Junior Senior Fours 1 Christchurch A, 2 BTC A.

Junior Fours 1 Christchurch A, 2 Southseas, 3 Poole A.

Novice Fours   1 Poole A, 2 Southampton A, 3 Poole B.

Senior Pairs 1Poole A, 2 BTC A, 3 Westover A.

Junior Pairs   1 Southsea A, 2 Poole B, 3 Christchurch A.

Senior Sculls 1Shanklin (Robertson), 2 Itchen (Riceman).

Junior Sculls    1 BTC (Ratcliffe), 2 Westover (Joscelyne)

Novice Sculls  1 BTC (Hills), 2 Southsea (Mahoney)

Boys J16 Fours 1 Poole B, 2 Poole A, 3 Lymington A.

Bys J16 Sculls              1 Shanklin (J Robertson), Poole (Bettley-Smith) 3 Shanklin (Walters)8



Senior Fours    1 Itchen Imperial A, 2 Coalporters A, 3 Poole A.

Masters +40 Fours 1 Southampton A, 2 Poole A, 3 BTC A.

Junior Fours    1 Poole A, 2 Southampton A, 3 Westover A.

Novice Fours   1 Poole A, 2 Christchurch C, 3 Christchurch A.

Senior Pairs     1 Itchen Imperial C, 2 Itchen Imperial A, 3 Southampton A.

Junior Pairs     1 Lymington A, Southampton A, 3 Southsea A.

Junior Sculls    1 Newport (Webb), 2 BTC (Hume), 3 BTC (Gooch)

Novice Sculls  1 Westover (Perry), 2 Southampton (Florence), 3 Poole (Hill).

Girls J16 Fours 1 Itchen Imperial, 2 Poole A, 3 Lymington A.

Girls J16 Sculls 1 Itchen(Gooch), 2 Itchen (Fagan).


J16 Mixed Fours 1Poole, 2 Shanklin.

Mixed Double Sculls 1 BTC A, 2 Poole A, 3 Southampton A.

Poole / Westover Handicap Challenge Cup 1 Poole A (Jun Men), 2 Poole (Jun Lad), 3 Westover (Jun Lad)


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