Swanage Rowing Regatta 2017

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Masters Rowing excelled at Swanage with the closest finish of the day …awarded to the Christchurch Ladies after gruelling race with BTC and Southampton. BTC were first to show after the start with Christchurch and Southampton taking time to settle into a rhythm, going into the turning buoys  there was only half a length between the three. Halfway back Southampton were dropping off the pace and BTC on the inside of the course seemed to have the advantage over Christchurch as they raced for the finishing line but, in the final few strokes, Christchurch with Laura Campbell, Sara Glen, Emma Kelly, Lucy Hunt (Stk) Anna Nolan (cox) pushed their bow in front to win by 3 feet with Southampton three lengths behind in third place.


The Mens Masters couldn’t match that for excitement, the Coalporters held a length lead as the crews settled after their start but there was little to choose between them and Poole A and B crews as the swung onto the turning buoys. Poole A with Mark Bettley Smith, Ian Hill, Ray Murphy Ray Wilson (Stk) Katie Crane (Cox) had the better turn and forged ahead with BTC now pressing Coalporters hard for second place with Poole B starting to push through to pass both of them over the final 200 mtrs. to make it Poole A first by length and a half lengths over Poole B with Coalporters two lengths further back in third place.


The Mens and Ladies Senior Fours were once again dominated by Itchen Imperial Men and Coalporters Ladies who both won by a distance and Christchurch Junior Senior Four have Champions written all over them as they secured a comfortable four lengths victory over BTC.


In the Mens Junior Fours Itchen A with A Bignell, L O”Toole, J Cracknell, O Starkey (Stk) kept on level terms with Bournemouth for Championship Points with a two lengths victory, whilst BTC were only a canvas behind in third place, starting to show promise. In the Ladies Junior Fours Ryde A  with Lisa Murphy,Kate Whitehouse, Courtney Edmonds, Emily Pike (Stk) Mike Jenner (Cox) continue to dominate and Itchen Imperial’s  A Spedding, S Sparkes, M McGregor-Ritchie M Hance (Stk) won the Ladies Novice Final by a length and a half from BTC to help to secure yet another Aggregate Trophy for their club


This coming Saturday will see Championship Rowing return to Southampton’s Weston Shore with

a 10 am Start.








Senior Fours 1 Itchen Imperial A, 2 Christchurch A, 3 BTC A.

Master + 40 Fours      1 Poole A, 2 Poole B, 3 Coalporters A.

Junior Senior Fours    1 Christchurch, 2 BTC, 3 Southampton A

Junior Fours    1 Itchen A, 2 Bournemouth, 3 BTC.

Novice Fours   1 Poole B, 2 BTC A, 3 Poole A.

Senior Pairs    1 Itchen Imperial A, 2 Shanklin, 3 Lymington A.

Junior Pairs     1 Itchen Imperial, 2  Bournemouth, 3 Poole.

Senior Sculls   1 Itchen ( J Foad ), 2 Shanklin (A Robertson) 3 Lymington  (K Chalk).

Junior Sculls   1 Christchurch ( J Rose) 2 Shanklin ( H Miselbach), 3 BTC (T Stanley)

Novice Sculls  1 Poole (A Murray), 2 Southsea (T Clarke), 3 Itchen ( W Harrison)




Senior Fours   1 Coalporters, 2 Poole, 3 Southampton.

Masters + 40 Fours     1 Christchurch A, 2 BTC, 3 Southampton.

Junior Fours    1 Ryde A, 2 Coalporters, 3 Itchen Imperial

Novice Fours   1 Itchen Imperial B, 2 BTC, 3 Itchen Imperial A

Senior Pairs    1 Lymington, 2 Southampton, 3 Poole.

Junior Pairs     1 Shanklin, 2 Poole, 3 Southsea.

Senior Sculls   1 Itchen (J Bull), 2 Newport (A Webb), 3 Poole (K Crane).

Junior Sculls   1 Shanklin (D Faithfull, 2 Bournemouth, 3 Poole (C Hill).

Novice Sculls  1 Newport (S Oatley), 2 Christchurch ( D Elmy-Liddiard).


J16 Boys Coxed Fours  1 Christchurch, 2 Itchen Imperial B, 2 Itchen Imperial A,

J16 Boys coxed Quad Fours  1 Newport, 2 Poole.


J16 Girls Coxed Fours Itchen Imperial, 2 Lymington, 3 Bournemouth.

J16 Girls Coxed Quad Fours  1 Shanklin, 2 Poole.


J16 Mixed Coxed Fours  Coalporters, 2 Ryde, 3 Lymington.



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