Westover & Bournemouth Rowing Regatta Report 2015

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Westover’s Alicia Bramwell-Reeks and Roseanna Bramwell-Reeks (Stk) added to their Clubs 150 year celebrations with another fine win to secure the First Hants and Dorset Ladies Junior Pair Championship at Bournemouth Regatta on Saturday. Club mates Rob Shaw and Josh Williams also found rough sea to their liking with their fifth win of the season which takes them within one point of Mens Junior Pairs Championship.


Added to club victories in the Mens and Ladies Junior Fours where the Pairs Crews joined Libby Perry and Danielle Elmy-Liddiard, in the Ladies, and Jon Solly and Jim Kay in the Mens to give the Dorset Club a huge boost to their quest for a New Boathouse.


Itchen Imperial’s Pair Kirsty and Robyn McGregor-Ritchie added the Hants and Dorset Ladies Senior Pairs to their list of honours, whilst wins in the Men’s Senior Four, Ladies Senior Four and Master+40 Fours puts the Southampton Club in an almost unassailable positions.


BTC Novice Ladies Sculler Claudia Hooch made light work of the rough water with a high degree of skill and  their Mens Novice Four V Vijay, K Portsmouth, 3 A Malem, T Sparrey (Stk) E Bourke (Cox) also found it to their liking with an easy win over Southampton and Poole. Drama in the Ladies Masters event when Poole Ladies made a somewhat undignified exit from the race by capsizing 200 mtrs from the finish when in second place to Championship Leaders BTC A. With rescue boats immediately at hand their was never any danger to the crew and apart from a few bruises, injuries were slight.


Shanklin are another emerging Club who are building their success upon a growing squad of Scullers, with H Miselbach winning the Novice Sculls event and D Murray the Junior Sculls and with Alex Robertson now becoming well established in the Mens Junior Four and Senior Sculls the future looks bright.




Senior Fours 1 Itchen Imperial A, 2 Coalporters A, 3 BTC A.

Masters +40 Fours      1 Itchen Imperial A, 2 poole A, 3 Coalporters A.

Junior Senior Fours    1Poole A, 2 Southampton A, 3 BTC A.

Junior Fours    1 Westover A, Shanklin A, 3 Christchurch A.

Novice Fours  1 BTC A, Poole A, 3 Southampton A.

Senior Pairs    1 Itchen Imperial A, 2 Shanklin A,

Junior Pairs     1 Westover A, 2 BTC A.

Senior Sculls   1 Itchen (Foad), 2 Southsea (Gisborne), 3 BTC (Hume).

Junior Sculls   1 Shanklin (Murray), 2 Lymington (Barnes), 3 Lymington (Leyland-Jones)

Novice Sculls  1 Shanklin (Miselbach), 2 BTC (Ratcliffe), 3 Southsea (Oldfield).



Senior Fours   1 Itchen Imperial A, 2 Coalporters A, 3 Newport A.

Masters +40 Fours 1 BTC A, 2 Southampton A,

Junior Fours    1 Westover A, 2 Itchen Imperial A, 3 Coalporters A.

Novice Fours  1 Lymington A, 2 Poole A, 3 BTC A.

Senior Pairs    1 Westover A, 2 Southampton A, 3 BTC A.

Senior Sculls   1 Itchen (Bull)

Junior Sculls   1 Poole(Crane), 2 Itchen (Townly), 3 Itchen B

Novice Sculls  1 BTC (Gooch), 2 BTC C, 3 BTC (Cook).



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