Woolston Rowing Regatta Report 2016

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Itchen Imperial’s late charge for the Mens Senior Fours Championship title gained momentum by winning at Woolston Regatta on Saturday.

Late starters in this season’s championship race, Itchen have gained points in the last three regattas to trail BTC by just one point with two regattas remaining. Itchen’s J Fuccio,C Newbold, M Wardell, W Harrison (Stk) R McGregor-Ritchie (Cox), looking strong from the start, winning by 1 1/2 lengths with with BTC A & B fighting their private battle crossed the line with just 1/2 length between them. A win at their own regatta on 13 August will secure a South Coast Championship start but they will also need to win at BTC’s Regatta to become the Hants and Dorset overall Champions.


Southampton’s Ladies Junior Four, Lou Barker, Sonia Buss, Lou Florence, Katy Wood (Stk) Wendy Hartland (Cox) went a step closer to winning South Coast representation with their second win of the season by 2 lengths over Southsea, though too late for the Hants and Dorset title, their depth of squad and improved form could make them contenders for the South Coast Champions at Herne Bay on September 3rd.

Another change of fortune in the Mens Junior Senior event with BTC gaining another point to draw level with Christchurch at 5 points all. BTC, with Adam Ratcliffe,Tom Stanley, Tom Beckett, Phil Sturley (Stk) Max Moody (Cox) with six lengths to spare are now rowing with the confidence that makes Champions, although Adam Ratcliffe looked a little crest fallen later in the regatta after ending his unbeaten Junior Sculls run by snapping an oar in half when hitting an off the course post and had to be rescued.

Itchen Imperial gained their second Novice win of the season with D Selby, J Bigness, S M asker, G Strong (Stk) holding off Southampton B and Coalporters A by 1 length to draw level with Coalporters and Westover in the Championship each with two wins and BTC’s Max Moody won the Boys J16 Sculls with a good win over Shanklin’s J Gamble and J Robertson whilst Lucy Gooch won the Girls J16 Sculls and Southampton the Mixed J16 Fours and Southsea the Boys Event.



Senior Fours 1 Itchen Imperial, 2 BTC A, 3 Poole A.

Masters+40 1 BTC A, BTC B, Coalporters A.

Junior Senior Fours 1 BTC A, 2 Christchurch A, 3 Westover A.

Junior Fours 1 Christchurch A, 2 Westover A, 3 Southsea B.

Novice Fours 1 Itchen Imperial A, 2 Southampton B, 3 Coalporters A.

Senior Pairs 1 Poole A, 2 Lymington B, 3 Lymington A.

Junior Pairs 1 Southsea B, 2 Poole A, 3 Ryde A.Itchen.

Senior Sculls 1 Itchen Imperial (Wardell), 2 Shanklin (Robertson), 3 Itcehn Imperial (Fuccio).

Junior Sculls 1 Ryde (Buckett) 2 Shanklin (Miselbach), 3 Lymington (Barnes).

Novice Sculls 1 Southsea A, 2 Ryde A, 3 Poole A.

Boys J16 Fours 1 Southsea, 2 Christchurch.

Boys J16 Sculls 1 BTC (Moody), 2 Shanklin (Gamble), 3 Shanklin (Robertson).



Senior Fours 1 Itchen Imperial, 2 BTC A, 3 Southampton A.

Masters +40 1 Southampton A, 2 Christchurch A.

Junior Fours 1 Southampton A, 2 Southsea A, 3 Ryde A,

Novice Fours 1 Shanklin A, 2 Southsea A, 3 Christchurch A.

Senior Pairs 1 Itchen Imperial A, 2 Itchen Imperial B.

Junior Pairs 1 Lymington A, 2 Southampton A, 3 Shanklin B.

Senior Sculls 1 Itchen (Bull), 2 BTC (Green), 3 Poole (Crane).

Junior Sculls 1 BTC (Gooch), 2 Southampton (Lawrence), 3 Westover (Perry)

Open Sculls 1 Itchen (Gooch), 2 Westover (Elena)


Mixed J16 Fours 1 Southampton, 2 Christchurch.

Mixed Open Fours 1 Shanklin A, 2 BTC B, 3 BTC A.


John Bailey

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